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About the Irish League Of Credit Unions (ILCU)

The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) is the largest credit union representative body on the island of Ireland. Founded in 1960 with the aim of providing representation, leadership, co-operation, support and development for credit unions in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the ILCU today has an affiliated membership of 351 credit unions – 259 in the Republic and 92 in the North. Membership of the ILCU is open to every credit union in Ireland.

The credit union movement is built on an ethos of mutuality, volunteerism, self-help and not for-profit philosophy. The ILCU, as an advocate of this ethos, has a vision to influence, inspire, and support the credit union movement to achieve all its goals – social, economic and cultural – while always respecting the individual’s rights and dignity. In short, the activities of the ILCU include promoting the credit union idea and ethos; lobbying central Government on behalf of affiliated credit unions; maintaining a professional working relationship with the regulatory bodies - the Central Bank of Ireland, and in Northern Ireland, the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regarding credit union regulation and compliance; and providing a range of professional services to credit unions.

The services that the ILCU provides to credit unions can be largely grouped into four key areas;

  • Trade & Representation Association
  • Business Support Service
  • Monitoring/Supervisory Activities
  • Movement Wide ICT Services

Every two years at the ILCU Annual General Meeting, affiliated credit unions elect the Officers for the Board of Directors of the ILCU. Working through the CEO and the Senior Management Team, the Board responds to the needs of the affiliated credit unions during their term of office. 

For more information on currrent Board Membership and the ILCU Organisational Structure and please visit the tabs under on the left hand side under About the ILCU.

For information on the history of the credit union movement in Ireland please click here 

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