8 Ways to Cut Costs on the Back to School Shopping List

Education 6 min read

29 Aug 2019

There’s little doubt that the majority of parents out there need a little help with saving money on back to school supplies. Increasing numbers of parents say they are struggling financially at back to school time. Our annual research into back to school costs revealed that well over a third are getting into debt trying to pay for the back to school shopping list.*

Half of parents said meeting costs was their biggest back-to-school related worry. Three quarters approx.. said getting the kids ready for back to school was a financial burden.

So, we’ve compiled 8 top ways to help reduce that bill at the end of the back to school shopping list. You can also read this blog for more on back to school money saving tips.

Generic not Branded

You might feel this goes without saying. However more than half of parents in our survey reported being under pressure from kids to buy branded at back to school time. If you give in to their demands you’ll see that back to school bill rise considerably. This is a good opportunity to educate your children about the value of money and explain to them about back to school budgeting. More advice on this in our ‘budget with the kids’ section blog in our back to school money savings tips.

If your budget allows, consider buying one branded item and keeping the rest generic.

More and more schools are introducing generic uniforms, so this will help to keep the cost of the back to school shopping list down. When buying generic uniforms, keep an eye out for two-for-one deals. You could also consider buying in a number of different sizes so you are ready to for when they grow out of their original size half way through the school term.

If your school has not yet introduced generic uniforms, consider organising a parent’s group to lobby for this. The Oireachtas Education Committee has now formally recommended that all schools allow generic uniforms, so you can reference this report.
*2019 ILCU Back to School Costs Research (ROI and NI), carried out by iReach Insights
**2019 ILCU Credit Card Research (ROI), carried out by iReach Insights