The Credit Union Mortgage Difference

House 3 min read

09 Sep 2019

Kevin’s experience with a credit union mortgage application was much more positive. ‘I've never made it this far. Even sitting down in front of another human being in an office with a computer that's willing to put my details onto the computer, I've never got that far before' Kevin told viewers after his initial meeting with loans officer Maurice Donoghue.

At the end of the episode, Kevin’s mortgage application was approved and his relief and joy was palpable. ‘I have a little girl I have to go and tell this to, it’s going to make her day’ said Kevin, speaking about his 10 year old daughter.

How does a credit union mortgage work?

The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) worked with a number of credit unions to design and build a credit union mortgage ‘shared service’ so that participating credit unions can have the support and assurance they need to be successful in residential mortgage lending.